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Lacrosse Ball Recalls

The Lax House is a low cost provider of lacrosse balls, and we are always working to buy the cheapest lacrosse balls that are legal for play. In an attempt to help customers get the best price on lacrosse balls, a Model KS1.6 lacrosse ball was sold on The Lax House. This lacrosse ball was purchased from an overseas manufacturer that provided the best price on bulk lacrosse balls at the time. The Model KS1.6 lacrosse ball has now been recalled and is not fit for play.  

Our objective is to help lacrosse coaches and lacrosse players get the best price on lacrosse balls, and in the process lacrosse balls were sold to our customers that shouldn’t be used. This is a notice to no longer use Model KS1.6 lacrosse ball and to contact if you purchased Model KS1.6 lacrosse balls from The Lax House.

Lacrosse balls that were purchased from The Lax House and are not fit for play under this recall will be exchanged for lacrosse balls that are fit for play. Contact with any questions pertaining to the recall of Model KS1.6 lacrosse balls.